Saturday, September 09, 2006


I predict that Bin Ladin or Zawahiri, or both, will be captured or killed within the next 6 months. Why? The general who ramped up the efforts to kill Zarqawi is on the hunt: Lt. Gen. Stanley A. McCrystal. My past posts "Task Force 145's Greatest Hits" and "the Big Hit" detail the extraordinarily aggressive raids by Gen. McChrystal's forces that led to the killing of Zarqawi in Iraq. This (This link is now dead. I think the article ran in the Washington Post. Another article on the subject is here) MSNBC report reveals this excellent development and further reveals that for High Value Targets, like Zawahiri and Bin Ladin, McChrystal's forces may strike in Pakistan. Both HVTs are believed to be in the tribal areas of Pakistan.

Update: It is 2/13/07 and I am going to preemptively call myself wrong on this one. Given the peace agreements signed by the Pakistani government with the Taliban in the tribal areas of Pakistan and the complete collapse of of the Bush administration's will to fight the war on militant Islam, there is no chance that this prediction will come true.


Margaret said...

We can only hope!

If OBL is caught before the elections, you can depend on the Democrats to scream that it was just a political stunt.

Ikez said...

Nice post.
I've also heard from some people in the know that Zawahiri will be caught within months as they have a solid bead on him.

Where in Illinois are you?

Cruiser said...

Thanks for the comment Mark.

I hope you are correct. Zawahiri should be the easier of the two to get – he sticks his neck out a lot further.

Judging by Bill Roggio's post this morning, he also thinks this may be a McCrystal operation.

Lets hope for the best in the near future.

Edward said...

Thanks for stopping by my 'blog. I just added an RSS feed tonight:

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Looks like some good stuff here too. We must support each other here in this blue state. -Ed

Anonymous said...

Cruise, Zawahiri is coaching Murtha, so he's safe somewhere in Georgetown. (Still can't get the password to work).


Cruiser said...

That must be it Rhod. He is hiding where no one will think to look - behind a real American Hero(TM).