Monday, June 12, 2006

Send Rope!

Three Jihadis hung themselves at Gitmo. There are something like 500 remaining detainees. I'm thinking six feet of rope for each x 500 for a total of 3000 feet of rope.

The Discount Rope Store sells 600 feet of 1/4" yellow poly 3 strand rope for $17.50. We will need five spools. So, it'll cost $87.50 for the rope and, say, $13.50 for shipping.

Mr. President I know how to "deal" with Gitmo and it'll only cost U.S. taxpayers $100.00. If the money is the problem I’d be happy to foot the bill.


Margaret said...

Count me in for a donation!

Anonymous said...

One of mine was back forth from Afghanistan to Gitmo in the early days of the Afghan war, doing detaomee transfers and some casual French interpreting. He's now in Baghdad with the 101st.

Gito was the worst of the tours, chiefly because the soldier's dignity was exposed; he wasn't supposed to have any. The detainees are, for the most part, garbage.

He did, however, get to meet and talk with David Hicks, the Australian mercenary, Islamic convert and friend to Bin Laden. Hicks is a cause celebre now for the anti-war crowd...a very interesting and absolutely dangerous man.

Anonymous said...

That was me. Rhod

Anonymous said...

Too many typos. Maybe it wasn't me.


Cruiser said...

Excellent Rhod, now that I have a connection down there at Gitmo I might be able to save money on shipping the rope. It send another spool with the money I am saving.

With Sons like yours I bet you have some fascinating conversations at home. Hicks - he should be dead already. From what I have read about most Australians, and certainly the Australian govt., they are probably happy letting that psychotic cause celebre rot.

Cruiser said...

Rhod, here's a new Time Article on Mr. Hicks. Quite the murderous psycho he is.,9171,1592997,00.html