Friday, September 02, 2005

Katrina's Lessons

Liberals criticizing the government response to the damage and flooding from Katrina in New Orleans are ultimately proving a principle of conservatism correct: Government does not do anything very well. One lesson liberals should learn from this is that government is not always the best solution. They won't though. Instead, they will avoid questioning one of their central beliefs and claim that government does do everything well, it is just that government by conservatives does not do anything well. In this way they are identical to the useful idiots (also liberals) of the cold war who unerringly defended Communism despite is consistent failures believing, with each instance of failure, that the only problem was that Communism had not been implemented correctly.

Stay behinds in New Orleans are learning the hard way a lesson that conservatives and self-reliant people already know: It may be wise to heed a government warning, but do not rely on on the government to take care of you. Those who heeded the mandatory evacuation order and took care of themselves did not suffer the misery of those who stayed and gambled that the government would take care of them if something when wrong. One has to wonder if the fact that New Orleans is a city with a very high percentage of welfare-reliant persons contributed to he catastrophe. Does welfare kill self reliance? I suspect so.


Captain America said...

Excellent! Glad to have stumbled on your site! This is perfectly worded. Gonna check back!

Anonymous said...

Being the vindictive sort, I wish that when the coverage ended, Bush had decked nagin.

Captain America said...

Returning to this post - Is it not interesting that the media and the left are accusing Bush of acting to hastily and being in "public" too much with Rita? They are so confusing.... no, wonder they are dying!