Tuesday, September 13, 2005


The proposed Flight 93 Memorial has gone terribly awry. Flight 93 was the 9/11 flight where passengers tried to retake the plane from the hijackers. The plane eventally crashed in a field in Pennsylvania during the struggle. The passengers' efforts spared our country from another devastating blow on that awful day.

The design for the memorial calls for a red crescent that Wretchard at the Belmont Club has calculated would point towards Mecca. You can do something about it though. Let the U.S. Park Service know that the design is unacceptable here.

My comment to the Park Service was as follows:
Please reject the "crescent of embrace" design for the memorial. The use of a crescent would come too close to making it a memorial to the Islamic militants who hijacked the plane and would, thereby, betray those brave passengers of Flight 93. Why not something based on "Lets Roll" instead?

My comments are much more tame than my true feeling on this.

Mark Steyn has weighed in.


Margaret said...

The Communists of the Soviet Union were masters of calling falsehoods truths and vice versa. Americans used to laugh at the obvious nonsense back in the 1950's and 60's. Now our elites are Communists (preferring the label "Progressives" because they are still skilled at evading the truth) who want to wrest our truths from us. Sadly, now only half of the country objects to their betrayal of essential human and American values.

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