Friday, July 06, 2007

DC Signs Off

DC ends his blog with some great advice. The best advice was this paragraph:

The best way to influence the world is focus on "small unit tactics", that is, start with your own family. Work out from there, into your community, and so on. But if you forget what is at home and fail to build from there, you are building your house on sand.

I'll miss his blog and the great discussions in the comments to his posts. Thank you for all the effort you put into blog DC. And thank you for providing a place for the great discussions with you, Rhod, Mark, Hoss, Gordon, etc.


Anonymous said...

We could do the same here.

I never had much luck logging in with this posting server, so I have to post as Anonymous.

I'll be back.


Cruiser said...

True. But I'm not sure I can post as regularly as DC.

Its damn hard to come up with something to write regularly. Especially, with so many other people out there writing stuff that often captures what I think better than I can.

You should start a blog Rhod.

Cruiser said...

Plus, I have grown to hate the name of my blog and my handle.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brian, er Cruise ... Thanks for the nice words. I miss y'all, too. Told you I would be coming around to some of my favorite blogs, so here I am.

Re: the name and the handle, I say change 'em. As for you name, use the real one. As for the name of the blog, I'll let you have the name I was going to change mine to, back in the day. "Western Incandescence" ... I'd be honored if you took it. How 'bout it?

And greetings, Rhod. Great to see you around, as always.

Keep pressing on.

Cruiser said...

Hey DC! Good to hear from you.

Sorry I did not respond earlier. I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow (going to Wisco) and have spent the week working franticly to get everything done before I leave. I'm sure you know how that goes.

Yes, I need to change my posting name and the name of the blog. But, you know, I might lose some of my legions of fans in the transition. So, I have to be careful.

Brian said...

There, half of the transition should be done.

Brian said...

As far as the blog name - I need to give it some more thought (certainly more thought than I gave halbarad). Thanks for offering Western Incandescence. The problem is that I'm altogether too pessimistic (at least these days) for such a positive name.

Anonymous said...


Wow, that was quick progress. Listen, "Incandescence" is another way of saying light, as in shedding some light ... Also, well, say when a daisy cutter explodes, a lot of light results. Let not the positive images of light trouble you. I jest, but not entirely.

I liked it because it communicated shedding light on the issues of the day from a viewpoint of defending the West. Plus, light has a lot of meanings and you can do a lot of plays on words. In any event, do your thing as you see fit. Build your blog and they will come.

Have a great vacation. Fishing up there? We just got back from Colorado and the boys and I caught nearly 50 in one day up at Lake Ouzel in RMNP. What a day. Take care.

Anonymous said...

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