Friday, June 08, 2007


The Shamnesty (immigration "reform" bill) is dead. It is a victory for democracy in the US. Lets hope it holds. The left and the RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) are like jihadis. They will keep coming back at it again and again.

This whole event reminds me of Europe. Mark Steyn has written (as has Rhod - a commenter over at DaisyCutter and occasionally here) that in Europe there is aristocratic political class that removes certain subjects from public discussion and deigns to know better then their commoner subjects. Rhod has written about how he is seeing it here in the US. In the past, his references to this phenomenon in the US rang hollow to me. This Shamnesty bill threw the existence of the phenomenon into clear relief - even enough for me to see it. As I wrote in my post below this one, the government (the elite) is forcing the public to negotiate with it (at the cost of 15-20 million new subjects) in order for the government to perform one of its fundamental duties. They say its for our own good and call it leadership. It is not leadership to demand something in order to get you to do something you already have to do. It is no more leadership than it would be an act of "leadership" to eliminate the military during a war. It is the abdication of leadership.

So, we have the elitist phenomenon here in the US as well. Yesterday, however, it was cast aside. Millions of others like me have also seen the ugly phenomenon (many are Democrats). Whether or not they recognize the elitism that it represents (not having had the benefit of Rhod's insight and wisdom) they know its stink and will begin howling more quickly and more violently the next time they catch its scent.

(BTW, the European "commonfolk" also managed to beat down the aristocrats when the commonfolk rejected the EU constitution.)

McCain should give his money back to his donors - he is destroyed.

Another great side-effect is that Lindsey Graham (R-SC) will not survive this overreach. South Carolina will not allow an elitist, tear-stained (see Michelle Malkin’s coverage for a hint), woman-named, terrorist-protecting RINO to represent it after the next election.

And the President…well what can you say…nearly everyone loathes him now, and it’s a good thing. He needs to be stuffed in a very small box for the rest of his administration. He has lost his mind (makes me wonder if he ever had one).

There was great irony in all of the events last night. Harry Reid, after years of demonizing and belittling the President, is forced to beg the President for help on this bill. A President brought low by opposition (and his increasing ineptitude) is powerless to help …the opposition! Thank god for the Democrats! Thank god the President is inept at this point (he fired up the opposition to the bill more than any Democrat could have)!

Think about it…these bizarre events…isn’t this some of the best proof that someone is looking out for us?

Thank god for Michelle Malkin, National Review, Hugh Hewitt, Powerline, DailyPundit for all of their efforts to draw attention to the bill.

Shame on the editors of the Wall Street Journal for their support of the Bill.

There are no pictures of Ted Kennedy smiling today.

It is a great day.


Margaret said...

Great summation!

I think a lot of people are beginning to understand how fragile representative rule is -- and how quickly it can be whittled away especially if two political parties conspire to do so. That's how we got McCain-Feingold and how we will lose our gun rights (two blatant efforts to begin to both shut people up and to enslave them).

Tyranny, even in the Soviet Union or in Venezuela today, does not happen all at once, it is done in small steps. First the propaganda machine cranks up (think "Hate Crimes" and "Global Climate Change"), people are told that urgent measures must be passed. Within those measures are subtle traps that begin to close around the citizens' rights to object to the next set of chains.

If people don't learn from the media about the nettlesome details and if they are rendered amused by sports and American Idol, then one day they are subjects, not citizens. Short of taking to the streets, the game is over.

Margaret said...

Oh, I might add, people who won't endure the discomfort of reading about politics ("I'm not political.") will hardly bestir themselves to march, or heaven forfend, fight to regain lost rights. They prefer to put their heads down and try to avoid calling attention to themselves as targets of their evermore emboldened masters.

Our founding fathers were right that "The price of liberty is eternal vigilance."

Anonymous said...

Victory last week ... But this week we stay vigilant.

Cruiser said...

DC, yeah it looks like I was correct to be worried when I wrote:

"Lets hope it holds. The left and the RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) are like jihadis. They will keep coming back at it again and again."

The bill is coming back an I have strong concerns that wavering Republicans are going to support the bill in return for some "enforcement" fig leafs and a helping of pork.

Fig leafs and pork - a dish that is quite popular in the Wash DC area.