Thursday, January 26, 2006

And Now the Consequences...

Here is the body of an e-mail I wrote to the White House regarding Hamas' victory in the Palestinian elections.

Please cut off all U.S. aid to the Palestinians and work with the EU to have them cut off their aid. Hamas is a terrorist organization and the United States should not provide any support to a government controlled by, or under significant influence by, a terrorist organization.

The Palestinian people have made their democratic decision for unending war with Israel (If they did not like Fatah’s corruption they could have voted for someone other than the representatives of Hamas). They must live with the consequences of their decision. For too long our government and other world governments have insulated the Palestinians from the direct consequences of their poor choices. If we ever hope for them to make wise choices they must pay for their poor ones.

I also request that we not criticize Israel if they respond very harshly to any violence emanating from the Hamas government. Hamas is now a state actor acting with the overwhelming support of the Palestinians. If the Hamas government supports or does not combat violence against Israel then the violence should be treated as an act of war by a state on a state. Israel should be free to respond as violently as we would if Cuba were to attempt to invade Florida.

I think that the election of Hamas is a good thing. I think that it finally reveals what the Palestinians really think. We have been told over and over by experts and governments and media that most Palestinians want Peace with Israel - despite many polls that showed that the majority support violence (including suicide bombings) against Israel. Now we know they do not want peace. Now the world cannot pretend otherwise.


Margaret said...

Ah, but the Left murmurs, "They will moderate."

I hope the average person will look at the statements of the Hamas representatives while keeping in mind Iran's almost-ready nukes and understand finally that we are at war in a world full of hostile states. There is no more time to be wilfully blind if we want to survive.

JulieB said...

Yes, indeed. It is good to have it out in the open. One can hope that they will moderate, yet . . . I don't think it will happen. Why should they? Hamas is gradually gaining ground in Jordan, Hizbollah is in control in Lebanon, Syria is in happy discussions with Iran.
We can hope that standing firm will produce different results, but frankly the scene is set for tragedy.
your local lefty Jewish blogger.

Cruiser said...

Thanks for commenting Julie with a B. Glad to see we have some common ground. I am a strong supporter of Israel. It is a scary time for Israel right now and I do not mean to understate the risks to Israel of Hamas' victory. However, part of me thinks that bringing things to a head with the Palestinans will be good for Israel in the end.