Thursday, March 24, 2005


I think the medical community quietly extended the meaning of "removing life support" from pulling the plug on respirators and heart-lung machines to removing food and water. Now they are defensive because a huge percentage of the population is appalled at the practice. Their response: "its ok, we been doing this for a long time". Nice try.

They have been torturing people to death and now we know it and it needs to stop.

To those people who support what it being done to Mrs. Schiavo, do not delude yourselves. There is no difference between what is being done and smothering her with a pillow or sticking a knife in her heart, indeed the latter two acts would be a great deal more merciful.

If we are going to continue doing this then let those who would carry it out have the courage to end the life swiftly (an violently, if required). At least then the portion of the public that cannot be bothered to stop this practice would have to confront its true barbarity.

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