Friday, October 08, 2004

Andrew Sullivan

I used to think a lot of Andrew Sullivan. Then, he decided that keeping an anti-democratic court-created “constitutional” right of gay marriage was more important than national security or maintaining a conservative hand on the reigns of the economy.

Now Andrew is so invested in his opposition to President Bush that he is gleefully trumpeting every setback the administration encounters and making a mockery of all of his former pronouncements of a need for Churchillian determination in the war on terrorism.

He is even making up a few setbacks. Most recently, he described Vice President Cheney as the “Roadkill” of Senator Edwards in the Vice Presidential debate. He has to be deluded to come to that conclusion. The only explanation is that Andrew is making up a setback or that he has been seduced by the smile of a pretty-boy shyster.

Andrew, you have shown yourself to be weak and vacillating. Worse still, you have subsumed the interests of the Western World for a petty and ill-gotten “right”.

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